DCS Accreditation

Danske Certification Systems is proudly Accredited by Global Accreditation UK, and can certify companies to a variety of ISO Standards.

The mark of Global Accreditation UK provides the companies with the assurance that its certificates are credible, authentic, impartial, and have been issued only after assuring the highest level of conformance as per the ISO standard(s).

The accreditation reduces the risk to you and your customers and gives you complete confidence that we have been evaluated as per the international standards for our competency and performance capability.

Implementing ISO standards can help organizations:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Ensure quality standards of your service are maintained
  • Provide confidence and assurance to your clients/stakeholders their data is protected
  • Comply with any international regulations
  • Improve performance across the organization
  • Ensure health & safety within the workplace